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Construction project management is the overall planning, coordination and control of a project from beginning to completion. Project planning is essential for staying on schedule in a construction project.

Identify Good Planning Practices

A good baseline programme serves as the foundation of good project planning and management. It should feature all activities in a project down to the smallest detail, and highlight critical activities that have a direct impact on project timeline if delayed. A good baseline programme that serves your interest must be realistic in terms of activities and timeline. For example, if a programme is too aggressive and underestimates the cost/time of project tasks required, it is a disadvantage to you because the slightest activity that does not go according to plan will be seen as your mistake by the project owner.

Importance of Good Planning

By tracking the progress of the project using the baseline programme, we know immediately when things do not go according to plan and can take appropriate remedial action to mitigate the consequences. With a strategic baseline programme agreed by all parties involved, it serves as a benchmark for you to collect evidences for project delays that occur not due to your fault. If sufficient delays occur so as to negatively impact a project deadline, you would have collected sufficient evidence to prove that you are not liable for liquidated cases. You can use the evidence to claim extension of time.

Experienced Planners for your Project

AcePLP’s planners have years of experience in planning projects, and have been involved in multiple projects where we have helped to actively prevent project delay or mitigate the disastrous consequences of project delay. As a team, we provide expert advisory services on planning the project in such a way that serves your interest. Our planners will work with the Client’s project team to identify all tasks and critical activities. Where a delay occurs, our planners will also work with you to gather evidence and strategize your negotiation with the project owner to avoid liabilities or claim extension of time.

4D BIM and Planning

4D BIM links your BIM model with the construction schedule in Primavera or Microsoft Projects. This allows you to simulate planned construction sequences, identify time-based clashes, plan and utilize site space and materials management. This can be done to show your project sequence, present construction progress, and demonstrate project delay in a visual 3D way. For more information on how to use 4D BIM, see this.

Planning Tools Available

Baseline Programme
Our most experienced planners are roped in to help you plan a baseline programme that is reasonable and clear to you and all other stakeholders of your project. Our deliverable is a baseline programme that is approved by your client. This forms the base for progress to be updated and documented.

Tracking & As-Built Programme
Our planners are deployed to your project site office to gather progress updates. This will be updated into the Programme using the planning tool of your choice, either Microsoft Projects or Primavera. The Tracking & As-Built Programme can also be visualised using 4D BIM to better illustrate the project progress.
Coordinated Installation Programme
Many of AcePLP's planners are strong in Mechanical & Electrical engineering, and will be able to plan a smooth programme for you taking into account all services such as ACMV, Plumbing & Sanitary, Fire Protection, Lighting and other Specialist Systems.
Schedule Narrative with 4D BIM
Our planners can assist you in presenting the process and rationale of the programme we developed for you. We recommend that the presentation be done using 4D BIM as it is a powerful visualisation tool that everyone can understand.
Tender & Bid Proposals with 4D BIM
Putting together a tender proposal? Our planners are able to put together a simple programme for your submission, saving precious time for you to focus on other important aspects of the tender proposal. To impress your clients, you can also opt to integrate the 3D design BIM Model with the tender programme.
Time Impact Analysis & Extension of Time
Using the baseline programme, our experienced planners analyse the developments that led to project delay. Where there is a case, they put together documentation to assist you in claiming for lost time. It can also be better visualised using the 4D BIM. Alternatively, our senior planners will produce a recovery programme to prevent liquidated damages.
Recovery Programme
When your project has been plagued with delays, work with our experienced planners to develop an accelerated programme to recover lost time.
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