Tommy Tian Shuo's Story

Tommy Tian Shuo's Story as an AcePLP CAD Engineer

Under one roof with AcePLP's Tommy on his experience for the Singapore Sports Hub project assignment    

Set to have the world’s largest free-spanning dome, the $1.33 billion Singapore Sports Hub will be an iconic addition to the country’s skyline when it is fully open in June 2014.

I really appreciated that I could be involved  in the construction of Singapore’s new iconic stadium, the Sports Hub and its special moveable roof. My role in this assignment as to help the client, Light10, with their job of Lighting Design and its installation on the roof. This included both fixed and movable parts.

I was involved in the whole process, from design to installation. We designed the spherical roof of the stadium to hold a big LED display and the spherical nature of the roof meant that each row of lighting points was at a unique angle and each cable tray had its own length. This is different from LED installations in normal buildings like shopping malls and condominiums, as normal buildings can be divided into levels, unlike this piece of roof. The LED installation for this project was to be on a single piece of giant ceiling. A single moveable piece of giant ceiling.

Understanding the concept behind this idea was easy for the designers and engineers. After all, they were the ones who created it in the first place. However, when it came to explaining the design concept to the workers who were to do the installation of the LED display, they found it a great challenge.  In this situation, the drawings played a crucial role in the accurate delivery of information. They were the keys for the precise installation of the LED display.

We figured out several ways to overcome these challenges:

  1. We divided the movable roof into 4 zones and installed them separately in a certain sequence. After discussion with the project manager and the designers, the engineers would then instruct the workers on the method of installation based on the drawings and sequence of installation.
  2. We arranged the drawings and marked the lights for every lighting row with a numbering system  to show the details of each light’s position in each row (The distance to certain reference points, like the end point of the row). For instance, light A33 means the 33rd LED light on the row A
  3. We modified the original design on site. We did not follow the designers’ words blindly, but reported on  the problems we met and proposed suggestions. For example, to reduce the weight of the display and save material cost, we changed the original cable tray to cable tie
  4. In the installation drawings, we helped the workers to sort the Cable and Trunking into different groups based on their lengths and positions

Team work and cooperation is extremely important at the construction site. Project delays usually occur because of the lack of communication and sharing of information.

Like any other projects, timeline has to be abide and pressures are unavoidable. It is important to remain calm, troubleshoot and rectify the problems faced.

Document control and management is important too! It is advisable that a clear and effective naming rule should be followed. For example, every revision of drawings should be updated while the old drawings should be archive accordingly.

This is to ensure project engineers and project managers can identify the files easily even if the drafter is absent from work.

My work contributed to a significant part of this project and I was glad to be part of it.

Cheers, Tommy 

Interesting write up! We hope that you have find this assignment useful and apply the skills learnt to other future projects.

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